Congratulations to Power World for winning another two projects in East Of China

1. The 1st project - Fujian Shishi Overseas Middle School


Shishi Overseas Middle School covers an area of 30 acres, and the buildings cover an area of 36,000 SQM. The main buildings include teaching buildings, students’ dorms, teachers' dorms, synthetic building, special technical building and so on. As a key middle school in the city, only Power World’s high end heat pumps are on their taste. The teachers and students are now enjoying the warm water now.

2. The 2nd project - Shanghai I Windows International Expo City

Located in Shanghai, I Window International Expo City covers an area of about 100 acres. The buildings cover an area of more than 130,000 SQM. It is a platform not only for exhibiting and trading doors, windows and curtain materials, but also for collecting new information, distributing new materials, displaying new products, and exchanging new technology. As such fashionable and high end buildings, Power world is their first choice for the high quality products and superior services. Thus the cooperation is started up days ago.

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