Sludge Dryer Series

It is composed of receiving bin, screw feeder, plug-in valve, sludge pump and pipeline. The hydraulic part of the whole system adopts Italian pumps and valves. The screw feeder and the silo are connected by a plug-in valve, which is convenient for maintenance. The pusher adopts the design of S swing tube. The mud cake with a water content of about 85% is unloaded into the silo by truck and fed into the hydraulic pusher through the screw feeder. The pusher transports the sludge through the pipeline. The whole process has no odor, which can achieve long distance without polluting the environment. , Large lift transportation. The pipeline can be flexibly set according to the building structure, the delivery volume is accurate, and equipped with a communication interface for remote control. Traditional conveying methods such as belts and bucket lifts are also available.