Printing Dryer series

The printing dryer is suitable for drying the printing and drying, spraying and drying the product surface, electronic originals, thermosetting glue, thermosetting ink, inkjet printing, printing and clothing printing, printing and dyeing, food and so on. The printing dryer is designed for laboratory or mass production. The conveyor belt system of the printing and drying machine is equipped with a quiet variable-speed motor. Under different loads of the printing and drying machine, the speed adjustment driver keeps the speed of the conveyor belt uniform. The height of the conveyor belt to the bulb can be adjusted, suitable for drying products of different sizes.

The printing heat pump is a new type of high temperature heat pump developed by using heat pumps and combining the production process characteristics of the printing industry. This unit has the characteristics of combined heating and cooling, which solves the problem of heating the printing press and also lowers the temperature of the workshop.