Why choose air source heat pump dryer?


     In recent years, the issue of energy conservation and environmental protection has been increasingly valued by the government, and the requirements for environmental protection have become stricter. Therefore, the rise of new energy has also promoted the development of drying equipment in the direction of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and safety. As a new type of energy-saving drying equipment, air source drying equipment ushered in unprecedented development opportunities with its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, high drying quality, and high level of automation. It not only brings benefits to users, but also promotes The development of the national energy-saving and emission-reduction business has largely solved the problems of low traditional drying efficiency, high cost and heavy pollution.


   The principle of the heat pump dryer is to use the reverse Carnot principle. The gas is pressurized by the compressor to become a high-temperature high-pressure gas (temperature up to 99 ℃), enters the indoor heat exchanger (condenser), and the refrigerant condenses and liquefies to release high-temperature heat Heat and dry the air in the room. The heat pump dryer only needs to consume the electrical energy used by the compressor to obtain more energy from the air. The energy efficiency ratio is as high as 400%, which is more energy-saving than other drying methods.


   The first requirement of air source dryer is reliable quality and stable operation to meet the continuous production requirements of customers. Therefore, the air source dryer is precisely designed and strictly controlled in the control and protection of important parameters such as the discharge pressure, discharge temperature, overcurrent, overheat, and overload of the compressor to ensure that the heat pump system is stable and reliable in safe working conditions run.


   The traditional drying method has large energy consumption and low efficiency. For example, drying in the drying pit method is costly in terms of firewood and coal. The most important thing is that the heat distribution is uneven and it is difficult to grasp the fire. If you carelessly, the materials in the high temperature area will be koke. The air source heat pump dryer can automatically adjust the drying time, and can use the residual heat discharged in the drying process to re-circulate heating, effectively improving the drying efficiency and saving energy; the operating cost is only 30% of the electric heating dryer, fuel dryer 40% of coal-fired dryers, 60% of coal-fired dryers, and heat pump dryers do not need to consume any materials.


   Traditional dryers mainly use wood, coal, natural gas, etc. as fuel. This dryer not only has low efficiency, but also generates a lot of harmful gases during the drying process, polluting the environment. air source heat pump dryers are green, environmentally friendly, do not use fuel, no waste water, waste gas, waste residue, etc. are generated during the operation process, no pollution to the environment, green environmental protection, improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, make full use of renewable resources and save conventional high-quality energy It is conducive to the sustainable development of society and has good economic and social benefits. It also meets the needs of the current national energy conservation and environmental protection policies.


   In the traditional drying process, most materials will have a certain impact on their purity, color, flavor, nutrition and tissue. The use of air source heat pump drying is a gentle drying method, close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of surface moisture is relatively close to the rate of internal moisture migration to the surface, resulting in good quality, good color and high product grade of the dried items.

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