Air energy heat pump technology is an extension and development of air conditioning technology

Air conditioning is very common in our daily life, it is a popular equipment for cooling and heating . But at the beginning of the design of the air conditioner, it was used for cooling, and the heating effect was poor. A single air outlet and wind direction, and the warm air was blown out from the top, resulting in uneven temperature distribution. The dehumidifying effect makes the originally dry winter more serious, and it is easy to cause discomfort such as dry skin. The cooling mode of the air-conditioning operation mode is "fluorine cycle", the outlet temperature is low, when the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, it is easy to cause discomfort.


As an extension and development of air conditioning technology, air energy heat pump technology performs very well in heating and cooling. First of all, it can operate normally in a wide temperature range between -25 ℃ and 48 ℃, and has high energy conversion efficiency. , The heating / cooling terminal can have multiple combinations, such as floor heating, heating fins, and output fan tray.

In terms of heating, the hot water circulating between the main unit and the floor heating is circulating, the heat is evenly distributed from bottom to top, and there is no discomfort of direct hot air blowing. It is currently recognized as the best heating method. At the same time, it can provide stable and sufficient hot water supply 24 hours a day. In terms of cooling, the air water heat pump cooling follows the "water cycle" mode, which is cooled by the fan tube tray. The output cold air temperature difference is small, soft, not dry, and does not have the thorny cooling sensation like air conditioning, which is more suitable for the human body's suitable temperature.


Air energy cooling and heating units are seamlessly connected in winter and summer, breaking through the shortcomings of single use of heating unit equipment, one

It can meet the needs of a family's heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water in four seasons.

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