How to reduce operating costs of hotel? Start form the heat pump energy saving.


  The hotel must strengthen its own service quality, it is the most important to enhance the customer's sense of experience. Among them, stable and comfortable hot water supply is an important indicator. 

  Air source heat pump as one of the new generation of large-scale commercial hot water solutions, It has the characteristics of stability, comfort, safety and energy saving,and perfect to solve the hot water supply problems within the Operation process of hotel.



Customers staying in the hotel to ensure the supply of hot water is the most basic. Hot water supply cannot be guaranteed, which will undoubtedly affect the hotel's reputation and second occupancy rate. With the continuous growth of the tourism industry, in the face of the tourist season and extreme weather, traditional electricity, gas, solar energy and other equipment are often not stable enough, and there are problems such as insufficient supply and freezing to a certain extent.

Power World heat pump Unit adopts low temperature EVI jet enthalpy increasing technology, which can operate stably in a wide temperature range of -35 ~ 55 ℃ without fear of severe cold and scorching heat to ensure a stable supply of hot water.


Quality and comfort is the experience When you travel , especially in high-end hotels. If the hot water is not stable, you need to wait for a period of time after the water is boiled to have hot water. The comfort and quality of the stay is often lost in these details.

Power World air source heat pump apply the third-generation heat pump technology that use improves the overall heat exchange efficiency significantly. With a reasonable installed capacity, the constant temperature effluent is 55 ° C 24 hours a day, meet the demand any time.


Travel out, safety is the first element. Whether it is a consumer or a hotel operator, Security incidents are intolerable.. Compared with the traditional gas and electric heating equipment, Power World Air source Unit operates without any combustion, the water and electricity are separated, and the components and the water will not directly contact, eliminating some potential safety hazards. The unit comes with an intelligent safety management system to effectively ensure the safe operation of the system.

Energy saving

As a business place, the hotel must ultimately aim at efficiency and profitability. How to reduce operating costs is a question that businesses must think about. Power World air source heat pump unit absorbs heat energy in the air, and the thermal efficiency is up to more than 500%. At the same time, the terminal is equipped with a variety of configurations, which can be used not only for hot water itself, but also for heating and cooling purposes. The energy saving is far more than other types of hot water equipment.

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