Do you know what the silent cooling and heating system of air heating equipment is?

Whether it is air conditioning or air energy, high-efficiency operation will be accompanied by noise, which adds a lot of trouble to life. So what technologies and methods can effectively reduce some noise? So let's understand what a "silent heating and cooling system" is!

The silent heating and cooling system is actually an upgraded version of the one-source two-terminal air-source heat pump dual heating system. This system mainly relies on the high-precision control of the temperature control center of the hydraulic secondary system by the networked main controller to achieve high comfort For ground radiant cooling, the radiant end must rely on a secondary system with full dynamic water temperature to control the indoor body comfort.

A true "silent heating and cooling system" with one source and two ends

The air-source heat pump has two combined supply, one source and two end heating mode, so that the ground radiant heating is no longer a system that only relies on the ground radiant heat source. The fan coil at the end of the convection is configured to intervene to work, so that the temperature at the end of the ground radiation can be effectively controlled. The temperature can be anything you want.

The upgraded version of dual power supply, one source and two ends has changed our perception of traditional "ground cooling", because traditional "ground cooling" and "floor heating" are exactly the same, and only the "cold" and "hot" of the ground are pursued. The comfort of the human body is not considered. The real "air source heat pump dual-supply system", the silent cooling and heating system can achieve precise control of the indoor temperature of the compartment. The true meaning of low-temperature floor radiant heating should be to touch the ground with hands but not to heat in winter, warm the soles of the feet, and not feel hot. Such "air source heat pump dual supply" has been fully embodied in terms of heating capacity and thermal comfort in winter. 

Precisely control the temperature of the water supply at the “radiation end” to avoid over cooling or overheating of the ground. By precisely controlling the working mode of the fan coil, the fan coil can participate more in the indoor latent heat treatment, and the acoustic environment in the home at this moment It has also been greatly improved. There is basically no noise. The indoor temperature is very stable, usually up to ±0.5. Due to the increase in the proportion of radiant cooling in the summer room, the human body’s heat dissipation method has fundamentally changed, and the human body feels The comfort has been significantly improved, and the humanized sub-chamber control thermal comfort has been truly realized.


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