Master Series

DC inverter pool heat pump is designed to efficiently and consistently heat your pool year-round,while using up to 30%-50% less electricity,so the inverter pool heat pump cost is low.The inverter heat pump heats your swimming pool water using the same principle of a reverse cycle air conditioner that heats your home.The warmer it is ,the better it works.This series cost saving inverter pool heat pump will be the best choice for you.


More Energy-efficient and Cost-saving 

With the application of full inverter technology,the COP is up to 13. 5 at 26℃/23. 3℃ (DB/WB) . At 95% pool season,the heat pump runs by around 50%capacity,which leads to an average COP of 9.With the high COP,it can help users reduce 45% energy bill.

Fast Heating
With the inverter technology,the heat pump can run at high capacity to heat your swimming pool to target temperature at a very short time.

Constant Water Temperature
With the inverter technology,the heat pump can adjust the speed intelligently and run at low capacity to maintain the pool temperature.

Low Noise
With the inverter technology,the heat pump will run at low speed for most time. So the noise of heat pump will be at the low level for most time. Under the silent mode, the heat pump even can be amazing quiet, 20dB(A) at 10 meter.

Multiple Control Mode

Users can choose between powerful mode,smart mode and silent mode to meet different demands.