Domestic Split series

This series adopts high efficient tank heat exchanger and built-in water pump inside the heat pump, which 

ensures high efficient performance  of the system. It can supply domestic hot water for shower, washing etc


Large amount of water:water tank capacity customized according to the sufficient water for homes and residence.

High efficiency and energy saving:get amount energy from the air,efficiency ratio up to 300% ~ 500%

Supply hot water all day .with wide application,not affected by weather, meet family,residence etc hot water requirement.

Constant temperature:with the automatic intelligent control system, hot water can be supply 24hours a day without waiting.

Safe and environmental:no need for direct electric heating, water and electricity separation, no harmful gas unaffected by natural disasters such as typhoons.

Anti-freezing function:optimized defrosting system, make sure the water heater  running in low temperatures.

Easy installation:small size,no requirement on installation area, can be installed indoor or outdoor, such as roof, ground, simple installation, no need to set up another room

Steady performance, low maintenance cost, long service life, up to 10-15 years.

Water tank:  enamel material, water and electricity isolation, beautiful and practical.