Quiet Series


New desigh Quiet sSeries R32 full inverter swimming pool heat pump uses mature wireless frequency conversion inverter technology and intelligent frequency conversion control system to maximize the user's experience value and minimum operating cost.

1.Advised pool volume :15~100 m3

2.Full Inverter Technology

3.Silently Operation(40dB)

4.Constant Temperature Technology

5.Smart Wi-Fi Control

6.COP as High as 6.5


swimming pool heating system


Patented unique design: square structure design with curved corners and without any screws. The new air inlet and air outlet adopt symmetrical design, special installation foot design, the shell is made of anti-corrosion sheet metal material, strong and durable.

swimming pool inverter heat pump


Thanks to patented silent-design, it makes a quieter swimming environment and friendly neighborhood for you.

The sound level is only 40dB.

swimming pool inverter heat pump

Save Energy and Speed up Heating Time
With short heating time, users don’t need to wait for a long time to enjoy swimming. In the meanwhile, it saves more energy than ON/OFF heat pump and non Full inverter heat pump.