Commercial Series

Commercial pool heat pump provides the  maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Working efficiently,the heat pump units absorb another 6 times of free heat from the ambient environment,and transfer it to the pool water,which makes the heating process ecological and cost saving.


Ultra Efficiency

With enlarged evaporator and premium titanium heat exchanger,POWERWORLD pool heat pump provides superior hydraulic flow for excellent efficiency and maximum energy savings.


High quality Titanium heat exchanger guaranties the heat pump can heat the pool water after chlorine, salts, and bromine treatments. 

Season fuction

Can work under wide ambient temperature ranges, from -7 to 43 , and provide all year-round warm water. 

Intelligent defrosting system

Adopt high quality 4-way valve, and combined with POWERWORLD intelligent auto-defrosting system,it assures the heat pump unit can work smoothly under severe cold environment.

Quiet operation

With the superior low-noise 6# fan motor, plus the inner sound-absorbing foam, which keeps you far away from the neighborhood and children complains of too high running noise. 

Security and stability 

Well selected top-brand components to provide you the most stable performance; totally isolated electricity and water system to guaranty a security daily use.