Smart Series

Smart Series R32 Full inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump with the use of inverter compressor, variable speed fan and logical control board, it can achieve energy saving, fast heating cooling and high accuracy of the temperature control.

  • 1.Advised pool volume :15~100 m3
  • 2.Full Inverter Control System

    3.80% Energy Saving

    4.Multiple Noise Reduction Design

    5. Intelligent Defrosting System

    6. Thermal Insulation Design 


smart pool heater


This series adopt Non-screw design,Tuyere adopts black and white family creative mold shape of Power World,and carry 3D structural software simulation to create a strong and reliable body.With Unique air flow technology,it leads to most silent ventilation.

smart pool heater

Intelligent Full Inverter Control System

The intelligent full inverter control system with three modes:Smart Mode,Powerful Mode,Silent Mode.

smart pool heater

High-efficiency hydrophilic coating golden aluminum foil fin heat exchanger

Flat fins with open windows have good heat exchange effect and good drainage effect during defrosting;The golden anti-corrosion hydrophilic coating ensures that it is not easy to form frost during heating operation 
in winter, and greatly improves the salt spray and oxidation resistance of the equipment.

smart pool heater

Multiple noise reduction technology design

Appropriate wind field flow channel design, noise reduction treatment for compressors, cabinets, etc. in a variety of ways such as elimination, isolation, and suction. There is a damping block on the copper pipe to reduce vibration and improve the reliability of the unit.

smart pool heater

Save Energy And Speed Up Heating Time 

With short heating time,users don't need to wait for a long time to enjoy swimming. In the meanwhile,it saves more energy than ON/OFF heat pump and non Full inverter heat pump.

smart pool heater