Power World brought new products to the 2022 China Clean Energy and Environmental Protection Expo!

From July 8th to 10th, the three-day China (Shenyang) Clean Energy and Environmental Protection Expo 2022 was successfully held at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center. Various HVAC industry experts, exhibitors and friends from all walks of life gathered together to present a HVAC feast.


The 2022 China (Shenyang) Clean Energy and Environmental Protection Expo will be the largest exhibition of clean energy industry applications and related products and services in Northeast China this year. 

In order to demonstrate its strong corporate strength, as a leading brand in China's air source heat pump industry, Power World Air source carries a number of new blockbusters - Silent A7 series air source, Silent A9 series air source, ultra-low temperature heating and cooling inverter units, ultra-low temperature full DC inverter heating Fan, appeared at booth AT14-06 of Shenyang International Exhibition Center.

At the exhibition site, we have professionals to introduce the product performance and application fields in detail, and patiently answer questions for the audience. Accompanied by the professionals of Power Air, the visitors carefully observed the Silent series heating units and ultra-low temperature cooling and heating frequency conversion units built by Power Air. During the aircraft experience, the visitors felt the unique charm of Power World air source's capsule-level silent black technology, and won praise and praise.

Silent A7 series floor heating central air conditioner is the first space capsule-level silent black technology in the industry. It has original technology to empower the industry. At the same time, it adopts full DC frequency conversion technology. The comprehensive energy efficiency coefficient IPLV(H) is as high as 3.2. Obtained China Energy-Saving Product Certification!

According to the heating demand and climatic characteristics of the Northeast region, providing ultra-low temperature heating solutions in the cold region of Northeast China has become the focus of the audience. In order to solve the winter heating problem in the Northeast region, Power Air displayed the ultra-low temperature cooling and heating inverter unit at this exhibition, "ultra-low temperature, ultra-high energy" - stable operation at minus 35 ℃, suitable for large-scale heating and cooling projects in severe cold areas, It showed the brand charm and product advantages of Power Air to customers in Northeast China.

The exhibition site is full of talents, and the exhibits are dazzling, attracting industry audiences from all over the country to visit and purchase products. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for Power Air to display new products, where Power Air can further understand consumer needs and learn industry experience, so as to achieve success in the fierce competition.

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