POWERWORLD won the "Leading Brand in Heat Pump Industry" again!

From July 31st to August 2nd, the "2023 China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference and the Twelfth International Heat Pump Industry Development Summit Forum" sponsored by the China Energy Conservation Association was held in Nanjing. POWERWORLD once again won the title of "Leading Brand in the Heat Pump Industry" by virtue of its strength. This is also the 11th consecutive year that POWERWORLD has won this honor.

At the meeting, Power World Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. won the "Best Application Award for Multi-Energy Complementary Heat Pump" in the 8th Heat Pump System Application Design Competition of the 2023 "Energy Saving Cup".

The theme of this year's conference is "Zero-Carbon Future Heat Pump Ambition". The meeting also commended and rewarded organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of heat pump application and research in my country, promoted the progress of heat pump technology, promoted the application of products in the market, promoted the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, promoted the development of renewable energy, and established industry brand benchmarks.

After discussion, review and voting by the heat pump expert committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, various honors such as the Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Enterprise Contribution Award, the leading brand in the heat pump industry, etc. were finally selected.

POWERWORLD has been deeply involved in the air energy industry for 20 years. With its high-quality products and services and continuous technological innovation, it has been awarded the "Leading Brand in the Heat Pump Industry" for 11 consecutive years, which fully demonstrates POWERWORLD's leading strength in the heat pump industry. This is the recognition of POWERWORLD by industry authorities, and it is also the testimony of POWERWORLD's strong brand influence and market competitiveness.

At the meeting, academician Jiang Pei, chairman of the China Energy Conservation Association, delivered a speech at the meeting and pointed out: "Global climate change is an issue of common concern to mankind. Green and low-carbon development has become a label of this era, and it is an issue that the whole society and each of us are paying attention to. It is not only related to the well-being of the people, but also related to the two centenary goals and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Heat pump technology is the best way to efficiently convert electricity into heat, has significant advantages in energy saving and carbon reduction, and is suitable for end-use applications The demand for the development of energy electrification. The development of the heat pump industry is of great significance to the energy revolution and the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

In the future, POWERWORLD heat pump will also give full play to the role model of the leading brand in the heat pump industry, actively respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and implement the initiative of the China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference with practical actions:

First, actively expand the application market of heat pumps in construction, industry and agriculture through various methods such as policy research and publicity and promotion.

Second, continue to do a good job in technology development and research, strengthen quality control, develop and optimize heat pump products suitable for Chinese application scenarios, and continue to improve the quality and energy efficiency of products and systems.

Third, carry out effective international cooperation, further enhance the global influence of China's heat pump industry, and use Chinese heat pump technology and products to promote the realization of the global carbon neutral goal.

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