Powerworld Heat Pump sales team development event

The Powerworld Heat Pump sales team chose traditional specific activities and BBQ projects for this team building activity to allow everyone to experience the fun of teamwork and sports.

After arriving at our destination, we prepared a team game. Everyone is divided into several groups, and each group has a task to complete. Although the task was difficult, each team gave full play to the strengths of its team members and finally completed the task and won.

We then had a fun sports day that included teamwork in activities such as balancing drums and throwing Frisbees. Although some people did not perform very well in sports, everyone enjoyed the process, helped and encouraged each other, and showed team spirit.

Throughout the team building process, everyone gave full play to their talents and abilities, collaborated with each other, and established better interpersonal relationships. The success of this event also had a positive effect among employees, and everyone's work enthusiasm and team spirit were also strengthened.

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